Buffalo Mozzarella


Pecorino Sardo Baraci 

Firm cheese from the Italian island of Sardinia which is made from sheep's milk. Excellent served with fruit and fruit preserves, grated on numerous dishes, or on its own.

Buffalo Ricotta

Creamy and fresh, with a delicate sweet flavor.

The word ricotta means ‘recooked’, and is derived from the fact that the cheese is made by heating the whey from another cooked cheese. 

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The number one ingredient for a killer Tiramisu' dessert. Creamy and light in texture,

spreads very easy and can be easily paired with fresh fruit.

Fontina Valle D'Aosta

Fontina cheese has been made in the Aosta Valley, in the Alps since the 12th century.

​The original Fontina cheese from Aosta Valley is fairly pungent and has quite an intense flavor


Gorgonzola Dolce is the 'sweeter' gorgonzola - milder and much softer than its Naturale counterpart. It is made using pasteurized cow's milk and is aged for 3 months. It is very creamy and almost spreadable in texture, with a light piquancy.

​Comes both Dolce and Piccante

Soft / Fresh Cheeses

​Buffalo Milk


The cheese has a thin crust and a strong aroma,

but its flavor is comparatively mild with an unusual fruity tang. 

Ubriaco (Drunken)

This exquisite cheese, from Veneto Italy, is coated

with the prosecco must (grape skins that are the

by-product of the winemaking process) 

Grana Padano 

"Grana" due to its texture, "grana" means "grainy" in Italian. "Padano" from the production area in the "Pianura Padana" which is the Po River Valley in northern Italy.

Naturally lactose-Free.

Available in full wheel and quarter.

Montasio Fresco

Montasio is a creamy, cow’s milk cheese originating from the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto provinces of Italy. 

Fresh Montasio or Montasio Fresco, aged between 60

and 120 days is soft, smooth with a mild creamy flavor. 

Mozzarella di Bufala

is a mozzarella made from the milk of Italian Mediterranean buffalo. It is a dairy product traditionally manufactured in Campania, especially in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno.

(comes in different sizes

and shapes)

Provolone Dolce and Piccante

Modern provolone is a full-fat cow's milk

cheese with a smooth skin, produced mainly in the Po River Valley regions of Lombardia and Veneto. 

Buffalo Silano for Pizza

Especially created for pizza with lower moisture, not packed in water.


Hard / Aged Cheeses

​Cow Milk


Sottocenere with Truffles

Originally from Venice, Italy, made with raw cow's milk and slices of truffles, then rubbed with various herbs and spices. 

Asiago Fresco

The fresh Asiago has a smooth texture and it is sliced to prepare panini or sandwiches; it can also be melted on a variety of dishes.

Pecorino With Truffles

Cheese encrusted with small specks of white and black truffles.  It is aged for thirty days and pairs well with boar cold meats and a good red wine.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Known as the King of Cheeses,

its inimitable taste brings back the journey through nine centuries of history.

It is made with no additives, and its concentration of proteins, vitamins, calcium and mineral salts make it perfect for all ages and for all situations.

​Available in full wheel and quarter.

Ricotta Salata

Ricotta Salata is made from the whey part of sheep milk, which is pressed, salted and aged for at least 90 days. It is milky white in color with firm texture and salty taste. 

Assorted Cheeses

Sheep Milk

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino is a term used to define Italian cheeses made from 100% sheep’s milk.

the history of Pecorino Romano dates

back to the Roman times when it was a part of the staple diet of soldiers at war.

Pecorino Toscano

Firm textured cheese produced in Tuscany.

Well matured pecorino Toscano is widely used across Italy as an alternative to parmesan for grating over a wide range of dishes, especially pastas or soups. (comes in